YouTube wants users to subscribe to YouTube Premium. The company is working on some tools and updates to increase its income, and that is why it has begun to make some changes within its platform, such as the incorporation of two or three advertisements that cannot be skipped before being able to watch some video

The barrage of notices for you to subscribe to YouTube Premium does not seem to be enough for the social network, which has now decided to go a little further. According to what was reported by several users of the platform, in the YouTube mobile app, users cannot play videos at the highest resolution available, unless the user has YouTube Premium.

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While only a limited number of YouTube users have experienced this issue so far, it is expected to reach a broader audience in the coming days. Although it is likely that it is only being tested and according to the repercussion generated, Google will decide whether or not to advance on this issue. But for now, 4K resolution requires an active Premium subscription.