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YPF also increased the value of fuel

Unlike previous opportunities, in which YPF was the first to raise prices and was later followed by private companies, the company with a majority state shareholding today modified the prices of fuels.

The 10% average increase in YPF Super naphtha and diesel occurs 24 hours after what was announced by the other companies. In Buenos Aires, the prices were this way:

Super gasoline: $120.30 a liter (+9.5%)

Infinia Naphtha: $147.30 a liter (+11.50%)

Gasoil: $113.40 a liter (+10%)

Infinia Diesel: $145.90 a liter (+14%)

`For their part, the Axion and Shell companies increased fuel prices between 10.5% and 12% on average since midnight yesterday. In this way, in the city of Buenos Aires, the reference prices in the case of Axion became $122.7 for super gasoline; $150.2 for Quantium gasoline; $120.3 for Diesel X10; and $144.3 per liter of Quantium diesel.

Meanwhile, in Raizen-Shell, Shell V-Power gasoline went on to cost $149.5 per liter; super gasoline, $123.2; the Shell V-Power diesel, $145.2; and the Shell Evolu Diesel, $118.2.

The YPF publication also increased the value of fuel appeared for the first time on Canal C