Zaira Nara saved a man that they wanted to pull from a bridge located on Acceso Tigre. This Tuesday at midnight, the model he was driving through the place with a friendand seeing the frightening situation, he decided to approach him to reassure him and convince him not to commit suicide.

The model told him the whole experience in dialogue with We in the morning (eltrece). “I felt that maybe if he saw me I could take him out of the focus that he had in his head, which was to throw himself. I got out of the car, parked behind the police and there I found out that his name was Gonzalo, ”the driver recalled.

As reported, at 11:47 p.m. on Tuesday, the 911 central received a call from Nara -who was returning from a birthday party with a friend- where she reported the incident, for which reason there were four patrolmen from the 11th police station in San Isidro who They headed to the area. Meanwhile, the model and driver approached the place along with her friend, at which time two other young people joined, and the four of them stood firm there, with the intention of convincing the man to give up the decision her.

Hanging by one leg and one arm on the fence located on the Tomkinson Avenue bridge in Boulogne, the man detailed each of his sufferings, even explaining that he even had to take a bus to get there because he is not from area. The women began to ask him about his family, his environment, seeking to achieve a break in their attempt to end his life. Until a halo of hope arrived.

“I hesitated to go down because I felt that it was not nonsense and that I could hinder the police,” he continued his story. My friend looked at him fixedly and said ‘look, Gonzalo, if you jump out of here you’re going to hurt yourself, surely you’re going to hurt the people who pass by with the car, but you’re not going to kill yourself’. He always looked down with his face covered and when Tania tells him that, he raises his face and sees me”.

The man stopped for two seconds: “Are you Zaira Nara?” There she asks him to please continue the talk about the bridge, although he still resisted. “I have debts, life has no meaning for me,” explained the man, who was still hanging by one hand and one foot. There Zaira stood firm again: “You are going to fall, you are going to hurt yourself and you are not going to really fulfill your mission and perhaps you are going to kill a family, let’s go there. And I was accompanying him and he came out and did not jump. He will need psychological support to get out of the situation, ”concluded the driver.

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