The sixth week of the oral trial for the crime of Nora Dalmasso began this Tuesday with the statement of Gastón Zárate, one of the first suspects for the crime and nicknamed “parsley.” The accusation maintained that the painter had sexually abused Nora and had murdered her. Due to weak arguments he was dismissed in 2011.

Before the court, Zárate stated: “I want the truth to be discovered. I worked in the house with other painters and people who remodeled their room.” He also said that the couple argued one day before Macarrón left for the golf tournament in Uruguay “Macarrón told him that all this was going to end.”

About his arrest and accusation, Zárate declared: “The police and the lawyer who was the spokesman for Macarrón (Daniel Lacase) were the ones who put together the cause for me to be put in jail.” And he added: “The police officers Orozco, Rafael Sosa and another began to visit me. They told me that Curiotti had killed the lady and they said that one of us had to go to prison.”

The painter also related: “When the policemen interviewed me, they had the phone on in communication with the spokesman, Lacase, and they were recording what I was saying. He was part of the police and they wanted to cover up the cause with one of us.”