Zaul Showman, one of the protagonists of “Bien Argentino” visited Espacio Canal C, our television set located in the center of the heart of Villa Carlos Paz, and there he chatted with Ivi Merlo about the success that the play has been having. It should be remembered that the work won four awards: “Best Sound”, “Best Musical Show”, “Best Lighting” and “Best Costume”, in addition to the Carlos Consecration 2023 Award, which went to Ángel Carabajal, creator of Somos Bien Argentino.

In relation to the play Zaul Showman expressed: “Well Argentino is” a VIP club where you can sit and eat something. It really has a lot of vibes, in fact people go two or three times because they can’t see everything, if you look to one side you miss the other, if you see one end you missed the middle. There is a great stage display ”.

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“I still haven’t figured out if I’m excited about the show or being a part of that show”the comedian confessed. In addition, the artist was excited by everything he has been achieving at a professional level, especially since he landed on the work.

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