The Institute of Statistics of the Ombudsman of the province carried out a survey that revealed that in August the Basic Food Basket of Cordoba increased by 5.47%. The same set of essential foods for a household of two adults and two children cost $2,503.99 more than last July.

They also reported that if a comparison is made with August 2021, the difference is $20,587.46, which is equivalent to a 74.34% year-on-year increase.

In relation to the Total Basic Basket, in August it cost $6,091.74 more than the previous month and shows a variation of $44,106.41 compared to twelve months ago.

Fruits and vegetables, first on the rise

Indeed, in the fruit and vegetables group an increase of 22.25% in its value was registered. Very marked increases were detected in products such as sweet potatoes (53.78%), onions (45.36%), tangerines (40.37%), potatoes (34.94%), oranges (26.93%) and pumpkins ( 22.77%), among others.

Eggs and Dairy in the month of August presented a variation of 8.28%. The most notable increases within this category were seen in white eggs 12.53%, fresh cheese 10.59%, whole milk 7.95% and cream cheese 7.51%.

The Flour and Legumes group increased by 5.49%. Within this, the products that increased more than two digits are peas 12.97% and flour 000 12.71%. In addition, French bread had a variation of 4.13%.

The foods of the category Others varied 5.24%. The most notable increases were seen in products such as sugar 20%, jam 16.86% and coarse salt 13.08%.

Lastly, the cuts included in the Meat group rounded off a drop of -1.13%. The increases in cuts such as skirt 6.14%, chicken 2.93% and rump 1.53% were offset by slight decreases in the prices of buttocks -2.29%, roast -2.34%, ground beef – 2.66%, shoulder -3.71% and meat -3.97%.

Source: Ombudsman’s Office