This Tuesday the Union of Confectioners and Fast Services, Confectioners, Pizza Makers, Ice Cream Makers and Alfajoreros closed a 60% parity with non-remunerated sums and review clause for workers of Pizzerias, Churros Factories and Empanada houses.

In July and August they will receive a non-remunerated allowance of 10%, in September and October they will receive an increase in basic salaries of 10% and a non-remunerated allowance of 10% and in November and December an increase of 20% plus another non-remunerated sum. of 10%.

In 2023, in January and February they will have a 30% increase and a non-remunerated 10%, in March and April they will have an increase of 40% plus the non-remunerated sum of 10% and, finally, in May the increase will be 60%. on basic wages.