In an act in the city of Río Ceballos, Martín Llaryora established his position regarding the situation of the Retirement Fund and the trial in which the Province confronts the Anses for the failure to update the shipments of pension funds to Córdoba.

“We are serious and we are going forward. That is why we are convinced that we are going to win the lawsuit against the Nation and we are going to end the deferral, in order to advance in the recovery of 82% mobile and thus improve our retirements”, said the candidate of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba.

Llaryora has been pointing out that, as established by Argentine law, the deficit of the provincial funds must be covered by the Nation. And that once the norm is complied with and the national government transfers those resources, “Córdoba will be able to quickly abandon the deferral to our provincial retirees”, which is discounted that it will happen when the Province prevails in the trial that it is carrying out against the National Administration. of the Social Security.

Works in Sierras Chicas

In Río Ceballos, and speaking of the presence of the Provincial Government in that city and in Sierras Chicas, Martín Llaryora made an announcement that during his term he will advance in the so-called “last mile” works, so that the different works carried out by the Province in matter of water, gas and sewers reach the homes of the residents of this region of strong population growth.

“Juan has already left the great works ready, now we are going to take them to each neighbor,” said the current mayor of the city of Córdoba together with governor Juan Schiaretti, the current mayor and candidate for re-election in Río Ceballos, Eduardo Baldassi, and to the aspiring legislator for the Colón department, Gustavo Brandán.

In this sense, Governor Schiaretti recalled that “in two more months the sewage system from the La Quebrada dam to Saldán will be finished, which was a necessity for Sierras Chicas”, while mentioning the second ring road, “That means more connectivity for Río Ceballos and Sierras Chicas. In 20 more days, two sections will be enabled,” said the governor.