A new IFE 5 is coming, the extraordinary income of $50,000 that the ANSES will pay in three installments in the months of October, November and December. The same, it is a reinforcement of the management of Alberto Fernández, who decides to extend the measure with a view to containing the impact on families in the face of constant growing inflation and falling purchasing power.

What is known about the IFE 5

Anses will pay the IFE 5 through the proceeds from the soybean dollar. It will be exactly $49,500 divided into three installments of $16,500. This is why its announcement is expected in the coming days, since according to leaks from the National Government, the payments would be in October, November and December.

With them, it is intended to reach a universe of two million people who do not have registered employment but who are not holders of social allowances either.

Requirements to collect the IFE

  • Work informally.
  • Not be part of the Empower Work.
  • Not be the holder of the Universal Child Allowance.
  • Do not collect Food Card.
  • Do not collect unemployment benefit.

How to sign up to collect the IFE

As it is not officially confirmed, it has not been explained how the registration system for the ANSES IFE 5 will be. However, it is expected that it will be similar to that of the previous bonuses and that the registration will be through My ANSES. For this reason, it is important to have updated data in the agency’s system.

This is what you need to update your data:

  • Accreditation of daughters and/or sons: birth certificate, DNI of the child and of the parents and, if it is an adopted child, a testimony or copy of the adoption decree, DNI of the child and of the adoptive parents.
  • Marriage: certificate, certificate or Marriage Certificate and DNI of the spouses
  • Divorce or personal separation: testimony or copy of the Decree of Divorce or Personal Separation and DNI
  • De facto separation: Affidavit or Judicial or Administrative Summary Information; DNI and accreditation of coexistence and social security coexistence
  • Coexistence: Judgment or judicial resolution or proof of civil registry or justice of the peace or attend the ANSES with two witnesses to complete the form PS.1.45 Summary Information of Coexistence
  • Minors in charge of the AUH: DNI of the minor and of the family member who is in charge of him; judicial summary information or report from the Ministry of Social Development in this regard