With new testimonies that would be incorporated by reading, and in what would be the last hearing before entering the pleadings court, this Friday begins the final stage of the trial for the murder of Valentino Blas Correas at the hands of the police in 2020. The process was to be restarted in the middle of this week, but a massive absence of popular juries cut short the hearing.

The fact aroused the fears of Soledad Laciar, the young man’s mother. “I’m afraid they’ll declare a mistrial, I ask the jurors to hold on, to accompany me, we’ve been fighting for justice for two and a half years. I’m bagged” he declared. Later, the Judiciary clarified that the presence of juries is guaranteed, and on the other hand, it was increased from $3,300 to 6,000.

Even so, this Friday two people’s juries resigned, and of the 20 that began the process last year, 14 are in office. What is expected is the imminent closing of the testimony stage and the move to the arguments phase, for after the Carnival holiday. If this forecast is fulfilled, next March there could be a sentence for the case.