The Government partially promulgated the Budget for 2023, since it left out one of the articles of the law, linked to electricity rates. The measure was formalized through a Necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU) published this Thursday in the Official Gazette.

The article that was not promulgated is 89, which in one of its paragraphs provided that “given the public service nature of both the distribution and the transmission of electrical energy, the national State and the provincial jurisdictions must publish, within a period no more than 90 days, tariff tables that allow distributors to comply with the obligations resulting from the previous paragraph.

This text “regulates issues related to the tariff schedules, which do not conform to the current regulatory frameworks,” clarified the Executive Power, for whom the “preparation, proposal and execution of the national energy policy” results from its power .

Budget Law 27,701 contemplates economic growth of 2% for next year, inflation of 60%, and total current and capital expenditures of almost $29 billion.