The Government announced a 17.04% increase in retirements, pensions, AUH and other allowances paid by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). It will be effective from March 1. for a quarter until the next adjustment is known.

In a brief conference at the Ministry of Economy, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaand the head of the ANSES, Fernanda Raverta, They also informed that along with the assets will be paid a $15,000 bonus in March, April and May for those who receive the minimum, and a decreasing amount from $15,000 to $5,000 for those who receive up to two minimum wages.

This increase, the first of the four that will be granted this year, will be 17.04% and It will also impact all Social Security beneficiaries (84 percent are retirees and pensioners, that is, 6.1 million). Likewise, the Universal Allowance for Daughter and Son (AUH) will rise to 11,465 pesos.

Sergio Massa indicated at the beginning of the statement that “We have been working side by side with ANSES to follow this path of improvement, not only in retirement, but also in other Social Security benefits“. Among other measures, the minister praised the efforts that the State makes in the drug program that “additionally also helps to improve the purchasing power of retirees,” stressed.

“This measure that we are taking for retirees and pensioners will allow us to follow the path in the next three months to improve basic retirement but, in addition, reinforcement from the State to guarantee that income is improved” , he concluded.

For her part, the owner of Anses, Fernanda Ravertapointed out that “A minimum retiree will have a retirement of 73,665 pesos in March. That is to say that no retiree will receive less than 73 thousand pesos”.

At the same time he stated that “Being able to say that we recovered 11 points out of the almost 20 that were lost in the previous government is very important.. Destroying is an instant and rebuilding and re-guaranteeing that the pocket of retirees allows them to live with dignity is much slower”.

This has been the first of the four retirement updates that are given in the year. The increase for retirees and pensioners is calculated quarterly and based on a coefficient made up of the salary index and pension collection. It is estimated that the improvement in pension benefits will reach more than 18 million peopleamong retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of the allowances paid by ANSES.

With information from Argentine News