A scent as delicious as it is classic, vanilla is used to perfume countless items of everyday life. Candles, perfumes for the body, cleaning products, food and desserts of all kinds: it is a flower that has been present for many years and is part of the daily life of many families.

In addition to its practical uses, vanilla is widely used in aromatherapy. It is a fragrance that promotes relaxation, tranquility, connects many with childhood memories and their homes, reduces stress and anxiety levels, and cares for digestive health. For this, we tell you about what should you clean the floor of your home with this perfume.

The main benefit of this type of use, in addition to the fact that it will leave a spectacular aroma throughout the house, is that vanilla deactivates bacterial or pathogenic agents that can be found on surfaces, thus keeping you protected for much longer. It is also useful to repel insects and neutralize bad odors.

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How to clean the house with vanilla?

For this homemade formula and without the chemicals of industrial products, you should dilute two tablespoons of vanilla in water and microwave until hot. Then pour the hot liquid into a bucket with water and introduce your favorite floor cleaner. Clean the areas of your house as usual with a clean mop and one that is not old, because otherwise it will not absorb as much water or cover enough space.