The Government of Córdoba sanctioned the company Aliser SA, a borrower in Paicor Río Cuarto, after a complaint was made in which it was reported that there was a larva in one of the students’ food.

According to provincial sources, the incident occurred at a school lunch on October 12, at a PROA school located at 500 Mosconi Avenue, in the Fénix neighborhood.

“Attempting to have learned that during the lunch service on October 12 of the current year at the PROA school (…) the presence of a foreign body (larva) was detected in a tray served, the planned protocol was immediately activated, drawing up the corresponding record with the participation of CEPROCOR – the body in charge of quality controls – which took the necessary samples to reliably determine what it was and its possible origin, “they explain in the statement.

In addition, they assured that the food preparation process delivered by PAICor is permanently audited by CEPROCOR.