The main leaders of the Frente de Todos de Córdoba met yesterday to define an electoral course in the province and assured that in 2023 they will present their own candidates in the local elections.

The event took place at the Córdoba Food Industries Workers Union headquarters. Deputy Gabriela Estévez indicated: “We are part of a political project committed to social justice, federalism, gender equality, environmental protection, democracy and Human Rights. This project will have an electoral expression with its own list next year”.

In addition, the present leaders affirmed that they are “an alternative for the needs of the people of Cordoba linked to a national force that defends democracy and the interests of workers and productive sectors.”

Also present at the meeting were deputy Pablo Carro, former senator Carlos Caserio and mayors and different leaders related to the FdT.

The one who was not present was the mayor of Villa María, Martín Gill, about whom the deputy Fernández said: “I was speaking with him on Saturday and he will surely make the decision to be there.”

Source: Telam