The Brazilian Justice endorsed the continuity of the process that is followed in that country against the actor Juan Darthés, denounced for alleged sexual abuse with carnal access by the actress Thelma Fardin, who was 16 years old at the time of the incident.

«The Brazilian Superior Court rejected an appeal filed by the actor Juan Darthés and validated the jurisdiction of the federal courts of Sao Paulo, where the oral trial has been taking place since November 2021. The defendant had filed the petition to try to hinder the progress of the process,” Amnesty International reported on Wednesday.

Thus, the case will continue its course in federal justice, where the last steps prior to the issuance of the sentence are developed. With this decision, all the actions carried out in that jurisdiction have been validated and it will not be necessary to start a new process before the Brazilian ordinary justice, as the defense had requested,” the entity said.

For his part, Fardin had already anticipated last night the decision of the Brazilian Justice through a video published on his social networks.

“I come with good news and it is that the Brazilian Superior Court, which is the highest authority in that country, agreed with us regarding the fact that the trial must be carried out in the federal jurisdiction, which is where it is taking place and where we are awaiting the allegations and the sentence, and not in the local Justice as Darthés’ defense proposes.

Fardin explained that the defendant had submitted the petition “purely and exclusively to gain time, to avoid Justice because (if it had been approved) this could cause the crime to prescribe and/or that the entire trial that we have already carried out is annulled. and we have to start a trial from scratch with how violent and revictimizing that would be”

“Not only is it not annulled, but the highest Court of Justice of Brazil has agreed with us and now we are awaiting a ruling”, he concluded.