While in most countries they celebrate Mother’s Day in the first days of May, in Argentina it is commemorated on the third Sunday of October. This year it will be Sunday the 16th.

The countries that chose May (about 40 in total) is in honor of the Month of Mary, mother of Jesus in the tradition of the Catholic religion. This is the case in, for example, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Australia, Austria, Japan and Brazil. Spain, for its part, also celebrates it in May, but on the first Sunday of the month.

However, in Argentina it is celebrated on the third Sunday of October due to the ancient celebration of the liturgical calendar that recalled the feast of the Motherhood of the Virgin Mary in that month. The origin of this date is based on a festivity of the Catholic Church. In 1931, Pope Pius XI dedicated October 11 to the Divine Maternity of Mary as a reminder that 1,500 years earlier, in 431, the Council of Ephesus had proclaimed Mary the true Mother of Christ.

From that celebration, in Argentina it was chosen that the Sunday after or before that date be celebrated as Mother’s Day. Over the years, it has been established that it is always the third Sunday in October.